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We offer a wide range of services in the domain of book publishing from writing to publishing and even marketing.
To ensure that your book is the best written form of your story


Award winning book writers to ensure that your book is the exact depiction of your story.


Creative designers to give your book a perfect finish with an attractive and relevant cover design.


Sharp-witted and professional editors to ensure that your book is up to the level of perfection and is absolutely flawless


Professional assistance to ensure that your book is published on your preferred platform without any hassles.


Spread the word about your work with an active and highly responsive book marketing campaign


Informative and promotional book video trailers with high quality graphics created by expert video makers

Our Portfolio

There may be a plethora of reasons causing obstacles between you and the achievement of your dream.

Action & Adventure

Give your readers a perfect action and adventure story that can make them eager to explore more. This is the most wanted and preferred type of genre required by a huge audience of readers. At the Amazon Publication Firm, we ensure that your every aspect of your story is the best representation of your adventurous story


Whether it’s a comic book or a comic magazine, it attracts a wide range of audience regardless of their age groups. The vibrant art and interesting stories engage the readers to read it till the end. At the Amazon Publication Firm, we have special designers and writers to ensure that your comic book is the perfect hit.


Give your audience an easy to read and understand dictionary by hiring one of our professional writers. Our team of writers have an excellent command over language and they ensure to complete your dictionary with an easy to understand format.


Drama books fall under the category of fiction but such kind of books are filled with more emotions and feelings. Our professional book writers ensure to enhance the essence of your story by writing the best and most realistic dialogues. We create a book that engages your reader’s attention and retains it to the very end


Health is a kind of genre that holds vital importance. The reason behind this is not because it contains a significant amount of information, but for the reason that people use this knowledge to deal with their minor medical issues or the daily health problems. Therefore, atAmazon Publication Firm, we have specific writers coming from the background of medical or health sciences to ensure that the information is absolutely authentic and relevant.


Give your readers a thrilling and one of the best horror stories to read written by a professional and an award-winning book writer. Horror books attract the readers of every genre and it can be merged with other niche as well, yet the result can be amazing and worth reading.


What can be more perfect then to read a romantic and perfectly intense book that is full of emotions and feelings. Our book writers create a grasp over your story and imagination to ensure that they create the best romantic story for the audience. They strive to write your story in a way that it communicates with the readers and engages their imagination

Science Fiction

Science fiction or sci-fi is one of the most unique type of genre’s when it comes to book writing. However, the audience loves to read a sci-fi book as it allows then to increase their knowledge in the areas of science and technology. Not only that such books make them creative. At the Amazon Publication Firm our writers ensure to include every minor detail of your story to guarantee that it doesn’t lack in any perspective.


Let our professional writers help in giving your audience the best virtual tour of the world through your travel story. A travel story if perfectly written can be a perfect blend of multiple other genres, giving the reader an interesting book to read and spend time. At the Amazon Publication Firm, we have people who are familiar with the key features and knowledge of the places that helps them in ensuring that your book never lacks in detail.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in quality over quantity and for such reason, we ensure to fulfill the following commitments towards our clients;


We keep your feasibility as our utmost priority and offer rates that match your budget.


At the Amazon Publication Firm, we guarantee to guard every confidential information of our clients.

Authentic Research

Our writers perform a detailed and extensive research to understand your book and to ensure that the work is authentic.


You are the sole owner of your book and the profit you earn from it. We don’t charge any royalty commissions

Qualified Experts

Every work of our client is catered by an experienced professional to ensure that the work is perfect


Poor quality and late delivery of services is something that puts customers off, and we would never want to let our customers down. We always deliver on time and with consistency!

The Perfect Solution To Your Book Writing Editing And Publishing Problems!

Do you have an interesting story that you wish to convert in a book? We have a team of award-winning book book writers who can bring your ideas into reality.

Our Process



A dedicated and responsive account manager is assigned to your project once you share the details


Outline Creation

One of our expert writers is assigned to create an outline of your book, which is then sent to you for approval.


Initial Draft

An initial draft is prepared and delivered to you after the approval of your outline.


Revision & Finalization

In case of any revisions from your side after the completion of your book, the writers ensure to perform it and then send it for finalization.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our work.

My experience with Amazon Publication Firm..

My experience with Amazon Publication Firm has been nothing less than exceptional. They are an extremely honest, professional, efficient, hard-working and loyal team to work with. The process of sending a manuscript, getting an itemized invoice, to the editing and publishing process was very fluid, consistent, candid and trusted. I was kept abreast and informed throughout the entire process. It happened more quickly and less expensive than I thought it would. They were also very educational in answering any questions I had and patient with me, a first time author. I felt in control of my book and it’s content the entire time. They maintain continual communication in staying in touch with you- holding your hand throughout the process and their customer service is top notch. You can’t find a more streamlined process or a more excellent or accommodating, efficient team to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer Mars - Author

Magnificent Work!!

My experience of working with the online book writers has been amazing so far. I hired them to write a book on one of my fantasy stories and not only they depicted the story exactly the way it was but also gave my book an amazingly beautiful cover. I recommend the Online Book Writers!

James William - Author

Flawless Editing Services

I was searching for a good editing source, someone who can proofread and edit the book I wrote and came across a few online platforms. However, among them only the Online Book Writers offered me their services in the most feasible rates. They also removed every kind of minor or major error from my book. Thank you for your services.

Rose Miller - Author

The best book Publishing

I completed my dream project and wanted to publish it but unfortunately, I was unable to understand the technicalities of publishing platforms. I came across the online book writers and spoke to their representatives regarding my work. Within a week not only they worked in the format of the book but also published it under my name

Jessica Wallance - Author

Great and on time work

After countless failed attempts I finally decided to outsource the writing part of my book to online writing service. I hired the Online Book Writers and they impressed me, not only with their work but they have a very responsive support department that ensures punctual deliveries of your work

Mike Francis - Author

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